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Silver surge or plunge? Non-agricultural market big revelation!

on Friday, the market will usher in 2015, the first non-agricultural, and early Thursday the Fed will publish meeting minutes of December 2014, to add more mystery to the vagaries of the precious metals market, while investors are generally becoming cautious. For precious metals, such as silver "Super day" trends, please focus on Xin gold Advisor platform.
the Federal Reserve meeting minutes form non-farm employment data, Ou Yin QE overlay is expected Greece risks an election this Friday will usher in 2015 after the first "Super week". Precious metals market ready, waiting for Super week!
January 5, gold silver Greece out of the euro, Europe's stock market plunge and three major factors to boost demand in China, rebounded sharply. Spot Gold bounced back by 1%, regaining 1200 and refresh the intraday high of $ 1207 an ounce; cash is not far behind, once above 3192, day 3.17%.
in this context, in 2015 the first "Super week", precious metals prices will actually interpret it? Let us look at consultant teachers to analyze.
first is the main pillars of sowing Zhao Qingcai teacher explaining to gold and silver, Zhao thought that gold is currently running within the channel, in the context of stronger dollar trend, gold after sideways, or will you choose to run down, the trend still close to 1130 position. He believes that silver and gold is still downward, until the trend has not changed, still dominated by high short trend target broke 3000 for short term, you can see the 2890-2900 region.
sautéed silver liangping teachers themselves are also given the expectations for XAG trend, he believed that income Yang line silver line stabilised again in 31,001 line, closing above the 20 EMA silver too many thought maintain shocks. Attention above 60 average pressure (3240) after the break turned the bulls line silver, so the days dominated by low, 31,501 days concern.
horse to the success broadcast master Zheng Ligong teacher of copper, aluminum, nickel future trend is explained in detail, in his view, prior to January 20, copper, aluminum and nickel are not making any empty, once the short-term bottom is to buy phase. Weak, there are teacher Zhao breakthrough high before buying. Nickel once exceeded 93.5 buy aluminum breaking 11400 buying copper breaking 38600 buying. The idea is relatively safe, but stop-loss is slightly larger. Copper-aluminium-nickel is not empty, if the individual height must be small stops.


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