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Gold price close gold investment guru Jim Rogers still bullish for a long time

Asian city in early afternoon, the international spot gold rallied to $ 1191/oz over the initially fell to us $ 1178/ounce, Greece back European concerns weigh on the euro and European silver QE Outlook pushed the dollar higher. Subsequently, gold rebounded from their lows more than $ 15.
level shows that in the past one and a half time, gold prices around $ 1182.0 main levels of daily air conversion/oz level shocks. Currently on the gold in the next level up is likely to rise to 1238.1-1227.7 region, run down or fell to 1149.4 dollars an ounce.
the weekly level appears, the price of gold continued in the 1255.2-1226.1 area under pressure, and decision points of the weekly show in the gold demand fell in 1136.3.
gold prices close case, from the perspective of operations strategy, interval operation or as a good choice, for example, pay 1152.8 hanging, stop at $ 1141.8/oz; 1239.5 a sell order, stop at $ 1245.4 an ounce.
the investment guru and "commodity King" reputation of Rogers (Jim Rogers) said recently in an interview, he is still bullish on gold, but before the end of the appropriate callback now does not recommend owning gold. Rogers believes that gold's bull market has lasted 14 years, experiencing such strong gains of any assets requires a callback.