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Gold test qianer gateway market Outlook remains bearish on gold

2nd--gold prices testing levels of $ 1200 an ounce in the near future, but each time she failed, indicated weakness in the gold price. If the down fall to 1177 dollars an ounce level, it will bring empty action. Gold prices downside support 1154 US dollars an ounce, following last year's low of $ 1131 per ounce, and then it could fall to the level of 1100.
up 1201 USD/oz resistance, again is the level of 1227-1228. Industry analysts believe that only rose to about 1230 reality gold from the bearish trend to a neutral State.
1035-1070 US dollars an ounce level is good support from this area increased to 1300 is also possible. If the price of gold above the 1255, then down the end, new amendments will begin. If the price of gold rose to us $ 1190-1195/ounce, so he can bet to 1155, 1212 stops.
gold ETFs for monitoring data on Friday showed, as of Thursday (January 1) Gold ETF-SPDR Gold Trust gold holdings is about 709.02 tons or 22,795,559 ounces, flat compared with the previous trading day.