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Non-agricultural week ushered in the Fed minutes, consolidation of gold and silver to seek a breakthrough

5th – last week comes at an important week of new year, volatile precious metals trend, and finally shock downward trend, silver bulls are also struggling under the $ 16. This week, a late United States December non-farm data will be released on Friday, but it is still not expected to affect the market for precious metals.
Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras Dimas elected candidate three times failed to Greece wins presidential vote, cause markets to Greece or to leave the euro, triggering a new round of eurozone crisis fears. Meanwhile, Mario Draghi said recently, the European Central Bank was unable to complete the Mission of price stability risks is higher than six months ago. Adding to the European Central Bank in early 2015 hint of aggressive easing measures such as sovereign debt. Double effects of superimposed the euro fell below 1.20 against the dollar mark, refresh the 4.5-year low, dollar index, spirit, in one fell swoop above 91 integer points. But at night, worse-than-expected United States manufacturing and building permits data to save gold and silver, gold and silver climbed quickly from intraday lows, and ultimately to line closed.
entered this week, although the ECB did not rate decision, but early Thursday the Fed minutes of the same for this week to add a veil of secrecy, while United Kingdom Central Bank rate decisions will be published. The meeting minutes will be published on the best interpretation of this meeting.
Friday United States will also publish the December employment report, the market expects United States December quarter adjusted non-farm employment growth will remain above the 200,000 mark, an increase of 240,000 people, the former value increase of 321,000. Repeated bombing of so many major risk events are expected to set off the bloody in the precious metals market, emerging market jumping up and down is inevitable.