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Dollar against the Canadian dollar strong gains attention can break in mid-December on high?

In Asian cities on Friday, stronger dollar against the Canadian dollar up, are now trading at 1.1640. After entering the new year, investors bought the dollar will remain strong. The dollar against the Canadian dollar at present on the suspense will be whether it can be broken in mid-December high of $ 1.1672, opening further upside potential.
Canada Eric Theoret, currency strategist on Wednesday (December 31) that the Canadian dollar movements and oil prices diverge, increasing the risk level of the US dollar against the Canadian dollar rose to 1.1672. But the upside risks in the exchange rate part option price and the United States/Canada 2-year bond yield spread to weaken.
economic data and investor day-mainly concern United States three important economic data released by Markit Manufacturing PMI, construction spending and the ISM Manufacturing PMI. Recent United States generally strong economic data show the market that the Fed raised interest rates closer to points in time, but when to raise interest rates, is mainly look at data decision. If the data continues to perform well, then the dollar could continue to raise interest rates ahead of expected continued strong.
on the technical side, hour map of dollar against the Canadian dollar in the past few days in sorts, however only break 1.1672 resistance around, opening further upside potential. Technical indicators, currently arranged string system long, MACD (12, 26, 9) main line and the signal line to move, more price trends or to shock.