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United States crude oil inventories, low crude oil edged shocks

United States energy information administration data released earlier showed that United States last week (week of December 27) EIA unexpected 1.754 million barrels in crude oil inventories, markets had expected crude stocks increased compared to the previous week's narrowed 7.267 million barrels to 900,000 barrels. Also released data also shows that United States EIA gasoline inventories increased last week, 2.951 million barrels expected increase will be narrowed from 4.083 million barrels to 2 million barrels; EIA refined oil storage 1.874 million barrels last week, is expected to increase by 2 million barrels, last 2.303 million barrels.
United States Department of labor on Wednesday (December 31) released the figures, United States on December 27, when weekly initial jobless claims increased by 17,000, to 298,000 people, higher than market expectations of 290,000 people, last from 280,000 to 281,000. Initial claims for State unemployment benefits mean increased around 250 to 290,750, last amended by 290,250 290,500. Week of December 20, continued claims for State unemployment benefits fell 53,000, to 2.4 million people, higher than market expectations of 2.375 million, ex-2.403 million to 2.406 million.
foreign media Friday (January 2), European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi told Germany daily said in an interview, the Central Bank unable to complete the Mission of price stability risks higher than it was six months ago. Draghi also said the ultra long-term low inflation since the beginning of 2015 may need to respond to the European Central Bank is for scale, speed and the main structure of the new measures as "technical preparations". And the Management Committee of the European Central Bank agreed to do so. Draghi also noted that buying Government bonds (QE) is one of the ECB to carry out his mandate could use the tools, you must avoid to the financing provided by the Government, which is prohibited by the Treaty of the European Union.
National Association of REALTORS on Wednesday (December 31) data released showed that United States pending home sales rise in November 0.8%, 0.5% increases were better than the market expected, decline in value before 1.1% per annum rise unexpectedly narrowed to 1.7%, will be expanded to cover the expected rise of 3.6%, the former increased by 2.2%. United States in November, pending home sales index rose to 104.8, the former value of 104.1.