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How to hide the identity of the second generation in the loans world brace

Many people believe that debt in the "second generation" because of successful experience boosters, loans should have scored twice again. The truth is, overwhelmed financial institutions worried about their ability to repay, often dodging evasive attitude. In this context, rather than face the crisis better all-round, multi-angle bury negative second generation capacity, to avoid unnecessary troubles. Today, small series and share with you some of the hidden identity of the second generation tips, you may wish to learn a few tricks.
1. bulls loan seamless
the so-called Bull loan seamless means without leaving any gaps in time, while repayment history prior to the arrival of credit reports, sailed in and applying for several loans, is the weakness of using credit system lags, played a perfect ball.
2. fuss
credit report queries are arranged on a bar, mostly to make up for the credit system lags short Board. On Bank accepting loans, credit reports, and left on a query record "to this search" footprint seems to be hinted to later tour colleagues here what. When credit reports covered queries footprints in the short term, is that applicants have recently been to a number of institutions to apply for a credit card or loan, and this will cause financial institutions to alert, carefully treated.
intimate relationship is different from banks and central banks, private lending institutions because you have not networked with the bank credit system, demand curves to see the borrower's credit report, but also because of this, ushered in the respite of the borrower. Specifically, you may choose to print their own credit reports to prevent financial institutions left in a credit report, "visit" any trace of and hide will become "second generation" a form of identity.
3. around people "against"
life, to borrow money from friends and family situation is inevitable. But if the loan before, you didn't pay there will be branded as "second generation" hat. Pre-loan investigation, which requires you to go on the road to prudence, if you surveyed the crowd left a "creditor" phone call, so you must not let him keep conservative debt between you small secret.