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Market poised to short edge is still

Precious metals market as a whole this week in shock adjustment pattern. With Christmas coming, markets are closed, light data, quotes, message in a vacuum. But the consultants platform teacher enthusiasm remains undiminished, but they have given everyone can manipulate rates recommended varieties.
early in December 23, pillars Zhao Qingcai teacher in Europe disc strategy of interpretation in the on told everyone: Silver overall Shang also is adjustment of trend, today to special concern 3120-30 location of resistance situation, Shang not to, also is to down, holds more single of, rebound to to 3,120 bit reset Shang not to, more single first out, find opportunities short, radical who can in 3,130 bit reset hanging empty, target 3,050 bit reset.
sure enough, December 24 morning, spot silver trend accords with Zhao Qingcai teachers expected, silver profits nearly 40 points on the day, while copper-aluminium-nickel and other varieties on short ideas basically conform to the trend of Zhao also expected. Believe that follow Zhao Xin friends fully understood at the moment.
on the silver future trend, Xin Xin Xiang rong Li Shilong teachers in broadcast live in essence gives the line layout: on December 16, laocai MACD rally trading model indicates medium-term bottom bounce silver December December 18, silver or rally, the medium-term layout on December 22, silver middle and short-term analysis and opportunities on December 24, silver trend prediction and action plans. If members along with consultant teacher operations liquidation profit before Christmas Christmas for Xin friends now have peace of mind.
is closed, but we cannot relax, because past experience tells us that peace there after the waves, we can only take this holiday time to adjust, to think back: there is nothing wrong with their peace operations where, and how to correct and prevent the same mistake from happening again, and continuously improve their skills and analytical skills. This small series summarizes the three normal members still make mistake, hope we can sound the alarm.