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Gold and silver "two brothers" whether through thick and thin?

Gold and silver are the most familiar of the two precious metals. Historically, gold and silver have been used as money flows directly, because of this origin, gold and silver seems to have become inseparable twins. A reference to gold, the majority of people think of silver in the first, and people think that is a symbol of wealth and money.
once upon a time, during the first and second world wars of the last century, gold as the world's only recognized hard currency, the gold standard has gone through a glorious period. But with the development of the world economy, the currency circulating on the market right now is mainly based on the national reputation of credit money, gold and silver have been as direct currencies no longer in use, their prices are measured by the notes.
However, as the 2011 gold and silver prices tumbled several times since, the market for gold and silver, have had some questions: before gold prices rise silver prices rising; now silver with the gold price dropped sharply in step by step. So, future, silver also will followed gold with in this global round moving of trading market Shang has been active down did? gold the "big brother" will in key moments discarded silver the on its "followed" of "brother" did?
in recent years to, increasingly more of people influx spot silver investment market, total investment scale repeatedly create records, silver investment of hot degree does irreverent Yu gold investment, and this investment scale has formed scale, and gradually into system of, is global range within of investment category. Therefore, silver investment market, will also impact on silver prices, its not easily from the financial stage.
according to the analysis, we can easily see that: both in terms of history, also is looking at the relationship from the modern financial markets, gold and silver have been tightly together in the market. We can be sure of is that is recognized throughout the world as long as gold, silver, will not be easily detached from the current market system, that is, gold and silver, "two brothers" could share the glory, too low could work together through the hard times.