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Multiple factors hit Russia economic damage

Crude oil fell from July this year, so far, has fallen to near 50%. Crude oil prices, on the one hand is the cause of conflict between supply and demand. Global economic growth has been slow, weak demand, and shale oil extraction technology breakthrough, making the market supply capacity increased significantly. The other hand, several oligarchs have important effects on oil prices as OPEC ignores the default attitude towards the fall in oil prices, prompted oil prices to fall further. At the November meeting, OPEC members announced production cuts, and said it will not meet again until next June to discuss related issues such as changes in production.
for energy exports as the main pillar of the economy of Russia, falling oil prices on its heavy. Russian Finance Minister xiluanuofu said the Russian losses caused by low oil prices in the international market of $ 100 billion, falling oil prices bring many negative impacts to the economy, expects Russian capital outflow will reach 130 billion dollars this year. On December 16, the rouble plunged further, briefly dropped below 80 rubles $ 1. Earlier, Russia's Central Bank to slow the decline in several rounds of rescue action has been taken, but still had no significant effect. Volatile situation that Russia has suffered unprecedented losses.
"Rome wasn't built in a day". For a long time, Russia economy is heavily dependent on oil and gas exports, oil and gas exports as a share of revenues, more than half the economic structure in Russia a serious subject to the external environment. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia made several attempts to reform the economy, but with little success.
at present, Russia politics was aware of lost oil and gas driven Russia's role in economic growth, heavily dependent on exports of energy and raw materials development model is unsustainable, we must accelerate the pace of economic restructuring. Perhaps the "winter" will Russia economic restructuring opened the door fully open.