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Gold prices narrow consolidation mood on the air would suggest we wait and see

Asia-pan on Friday, spot gold prices narrow finish, are now trading at $ 1184/ounce, spot silver rose slightly to us $ 15.84 close to an ounce. Today is the first trading day of 2015, late United States data and will determine the trend for spot gold and silver, before investors can wait.
from the perspective of the overall trading sentiment, investor sentiment in the gold market is still on the air. The world's largest gold exchange-traded fund (ETF)--SPDR Gold Trust on Wednesday (December 31) gold holdings to reduce 1.79 tons or decreased to 709.02 tons, a six-year low on Thursday (January 1), gold holdings were flat. Gnanasekaar t
analysts said gold prices testing levels of $ 1200 an ounce in the near future, but each time she failed, indicated weakness in the gold price. If the down fall to 1177 dollars an ounce level, it will bring empty action. Market
days December Manufacturing PMI data in Britain and the United States major economies in Europe, is expected to bring to market trading clues. United States December ISM Manufacturing PMI are the focus of attention, anticipated by the previous value of 58.7 fell to 57.6, but still clearly in leading global manufacturing expansion; United Kingdom December Manufacturing PMI to slightly speed up expansion (is expected to rise from 53.5 to 53.7). Franco-German and eurozone December Manufacturing PMI is published by future value, expectations consistent with the initial value, France the manufacturing sector continues to shrink and drag, and Germany and the euro zone manufacturing sector as a whole continued moderate expansion.
technology, 5th average current level $ 1187 10th average current level $ 1183, 20th, EMA's current level of $ 1195, action recommendations on investors ' cautious wait-and-see.