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Strong seasonal factors silver limited

Just off of 2014 years, silver prices fell to almost 18%.
ETF2014 some inflow of silver. IShare but near the end of the silver ETF holdings fell to lowest level since last September in October, 3.5 high out of almost 6%.
Scotiabank (Scotia Mocatta) a technical analysts believe that silver prices below the $ 16 per ounce, support level at 15.54, is 61.8% of the December rally back.
the analyst said: "if below that level of support, then it is likely to fall further to December 1 at 14.42 dollars an ounce. "
However, for prices in 2015, the analyst believed, some likely to rise than fall. "We think much of 2015, silver prices will be between 16 to 22 dollars an ounce. "
David Jollie, analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ said:" seasonal factors in the next few months for silver is also beneficial. "He pointed out that since 2000, the performance of the first quarter of each year silver prices are relatively strong. Even if the silver can in January and February continued to average gains of 5% and 6%, will still be below the $ 20/ounce price showed even stronger silver prices is limited.